Sudhakar Ramakrishna

-May 31, 2017

Accelerating Pulse’s Secure Access Journey with Application Acceleration

Since its inception nearly three years ago, Pulse Secure’s singular mission has been to deliver “Secure Access solutions for People, Devices, Things and Services”. Our acquisition of Brocade’s market leading virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC) business enables us to accelerate our mission along the Services/Applications dimension.

In three short years, we have expanded, and integrated our product portfolio into the market leading “Secure Access Suite”. Adding the vADC capabilities further strengthens our ability to deliver the industry’s most complete Secure Access Platform.

We take our customer obligations seriously and have oriented our entire organization towards “customer success.”  Our nearly 20,000 customers rely on our Secure Access solutions to enhance their productivity every day and recognize our commitment with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) approaching the world class 40 mark, representing the top 25% of all software companies. We are continually innovating and willing to embrace new ideas and people into Pulse Nation – today’s announcement is a significant milestone in our journey.

I’d like to assure ALL current and future Pulse Secure and Brocade vADC customers that we will strive to earn and keep their trust every single day. I’m also supremely confident that we have the best team and solutions to deliver the industry’s most complete Secure Access Platform.

At Pulse Secure, we have a core belief that Security should be about ACCESS and not (just) control. This belief system, combined with innovations that make it real, facilitates the economic delivery of Secure Access to our customers.

We established three focus areas to deliver on our beliefs:

Simple User Experiences

  • User experience drives adoption, which in turn drives productivity
  • Focus on end user AND administrator experience – e.g. our Pulse One management solution enables administrators to manage their secure access platform without traditional complexity and overhead, resulting in our fastest growing product.

Everyone is inherently Mobile

  • Everyone is simultaneously remote or no one is! The enterprise perimeter is “Amorphous” creating the need for Secure Access vs. Remote Access
  • The common administration and management of our Secure Access Platform is enabling customers to stretch enterprise boundaries, securely, and easily, with single policy, unified clients, and common management.
  • Pulse Workspace and unified clients protect enterprise data and applications on endpoints, including mobile devices, with an incredibly simple user and administrative experience

Relentless march towards Hybrid IT

  • Extending customer data centers into the Cloud at a pace that is consistent with their business goals and building on years of defining access policies in an imperative of ours – Pulse Cloud Secure does just that

Brocade’s vADC is a recognized leader in delivering simple user experiences for the administrator and has accelerated the Hybrid IT journey of numerous customers – large and small – throughout the world. Their vADC’s focus on software, virtual, cloud and being application centric delivers maximum flexibility and superior economics.

I have no doubt that this transaction enables both current vADC customers and Pulse Secure customers to realize greater productivity and accelerate meeting their Secure Access needs.

Combining our unified client, Policy Secure and the newly acquired vADC also creates very interesting possibilities in the world of THINGS (aka Internet of Things or IoT).

We are proud of the fact that more than 18 million endpoints leverage our technology today – an increasing number of them being mobile and IoT endpoints. As we speedily integrate the technologies, the emerging world of Internet of Things creates the potential for us to increase these numbers by several orders of magnitude.

Finally, and most importantly, I am thrilled to have the vADC teams join Pulse Nation. I have a long-held belief that if we find people with great competence, fantastic attitude and total commitment, and give them priorities, tools and the collaborative environment to thrive in, they will focus their collective energies and build something GREAT!

We are fortunate to have such a group of people joining Pulse Secure.