Nick Vale

-May 15, 2019

Cloud Workload Migration: Growing Revenue via GCP Marketplace

Through our relationship with public cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we’ve seen an increasing number of customers deploying cloud applications. Many of our customers launch Pulse Secure’s application delivery, virtual private network, network access control, and mobile security products via cloud marketplaces, giving them a fast and easy way to deploy the software in the cloud.

To help our customers find the fastest time to value for building Cloud-Native applications, we have made our Pulse vADC solutions available via GCP Marketplace, using the Google Cloud Deployment Manager and Compute Engine to launch Pulse solutions.

Like many of our customers, our product focus is moving steadily toward the cloud as our customers embrace cloud services. Making our solutions available on GCP Marketplace encourages and accelerates adoption of the cloud by our customers, making them easier to consume, which means:

  • Customers can engage with us via the Google Cloud Marketplace
  • We build trusted relationships with a stable, portable application delivery platform
  • Our customers accelerate adoption of Pulse Secure products in the cloud

As our customers move more toward the cloud, it’s critical for us to have partners like Google to make deploying our software easy and straightforward. Having our solutions available on GCP Marketplace makes it easy for customers to deploy and grow their usage of Pulse Secure products.

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