Scott Gordon

-May 29, 2020

When IT Consolidation Pays Big Zero Trust Access Dividends

Workforce mobility, IoT and cloud computing continue to threaten perimeter defenses – requiring organizations to manage broader hybrid IT risks and architect Zero Trust defenses. To move beyond Zero Trust as just a concept requires tool integration and control coordination. It’s time to up-level your secure access tech stack.

According to Enterprise Strategy Group, 36% of enterprises are actively integrating disparate security analytics and operations tools to form a more cohesive security software architecture. CISOs are seeking scalable, intelligent, and automated solutions that can greatly improve security efficacy, operational efficiency, and business enablement. At the same time, more than half of organizations consider seamless compatibility with their on-premises infrastructure as the most important consideration within their hybrid IT strategy. As such, architectures and integrated platforms will continue to supersede best-of-breed point tools in 2020 to align with the changing security needs of hybrid IT, mobile workers, and IoT device growth.*

With the growing demand for integrated platforms, we have released our new suite of secure access solutions for hybrid IT that provides organizations a simplified, modular and integrated approach to modernize accessibility, management and Zero Trust control.

Pulse Access Suite Plus provides adaptive identity and device authentication, protected connectivity, extensive visibility and analytics, and threat response across mobile, network and multi-cloud environments. Organizations can centrally orchestrate Zero Trust policy to ensure compliant access to hybrid IT and multi-cloud applications.

By consolidating disparate security access tools into an integrated platform, enterprises gain easy access for users and a single-pane-of-glass to streamline provisioning, management and scalability. With the Pulse Access Suite Plus, enterprises can realize procurement, deployment, expansion, support and economic benefits without typical platform vendor lock-in and limitations – our Suite works with an enterprise’s existing infrastructure and security ecosystem while supporting the widest array of applications.

As organizations continue to address today’s significant remote and work from home security challenges, savvy IT decision makers are also taking the opportunity to further optimize their investments and personnel.  Take this opportunity to up-level your secure access tech stack and achieve Zero Trust advantages with Pulse.

To learn more, please visit Pulse Suite Plus Overview and explore our comparable Zero Trust capabilities.

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*Source: ESG Research Reports, The Rise of Cloud-based Security Analytics and Operations Technologies, December 2019 and Hybrid Cloud Trends: Strategies for Optimizing and Managing On-premises and Public Cloud Infrastructure, December 2019.