Joyeta Samanta

-December 13, 2017

Culture Connections at Pulse Secure

Kickstarting in 2016, we floated the idea to empower fellow Pulsers to significant initiatives and I am thankful to our team who readily embraced it and became our “Culture Connectors”. Our goal was to connect people across all teams and geographies. We hosted different green initiatives, wellness challenges, tech talks, coffee rendezvous, roundtable discussions with our CEO, and other social events celebrating the different cultures and backgrounds – from St. Patricks day to Diwali, etc.

As we continued to grow and evolve as an organization, in 2017, we expanded the program globally, with an added focus on remote employees. In addition, we formulated three key initiatives or focus areas – employee wellness, community outreach and team building. Our Culture Connector team grew by 400% including members across different functions like engineering, marketing, customer success, operations and of course Talent Success. Not only were the Culture Connectors excited to be leading notable initiatives in their work community, they were making an impact in the lives of fellow Pulsers, learning additional skills and improving the health of the organization at large. Some of the initiatives they are leading today are wellness walks, marathons, donation matching programs, cross-team activities, food and backpack drives and more. We even revamped our monthly newsletter and our Rewards & Recognition program to align better with our values. With increased focus and global representation, we saw a dramatic change from late 2016 to July 2017, in the awareness of this program from 7% to 89% and engagement at the company from 56% to 73% since late 2016.

One of the most important things I have realized in my 3 years at Pulse Secure, is the opportunity to innovate, iterate and persevere each day. We commit to building on this in the years to come, making sure we improve today over yesterday and tomorrow over today. It wouldn’t have been possible without leaders driving this from the top down and Pulsers across the board being open to ideas. More so to conclude, while we have come a long way through the support of our community, we have a long way to go in this transformation.