Ashur Kanoon

-September 20, 2016

Embracing Hybrid IT with Cloud Secure

Organizations of all sizes, across all verticals are trying to take advantage of the latest tech while also looking for operating efficiencies.  As current systems show their age, organizations have a choice to make; upgrade and maintain local systems, or subscribe to a cloud service which requires less maintenance and administration.  Using Office 365’s success as an indicator, the migration is happening at a rapid pace.

While migration is happening in some areas, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will be migrated.  Some applications such as unified communication tend to stay on-prem.  Moreover, custom applications, which do not have a cloud app equivalent tend to stay on-prem.  This means that a hybrid model is often needed.

embracing hybird it

What does the hybrid model mean for the key stakeholders, admins and end-users?  For the admin, it may mean less maintenance and administration, which is desired, but it can also mean less control and visibility.  For the end-user, this may mean added confusion and the need to learn a new set of steps to connect.  With any change, users need to be educated and IT needs to be prepared to work with a 3rd party to address issues.

Traditional remote access customers have trusted Pulse Secure and now the power of Pulse Secure extends to the cloud.  With the Cloud Secure functionality in Connect Secure, the features that make us the leader in Secure Access are now available for any cloud app.  Admins can ensure the same device compliance regardless of where the application lives.  Even when users are accessing cloud apps, admins will have visibility into these connections without the need of monitoring each cloud app individually.  For the end-user, connectivity is improved and there is no need to know if the app is on-prem or in the cloud.  End-user experience is further enhanced since Secure Single Sign-On is used so new processes do not need to be learned.

The transition doesn’t have to be hard for admins or end-users.  Let Pulse Secure help accelerate your transition to Hybrid IT.  To learn more visit