Alex Thurber

-June 25, 2020

Global Shifts in Workplace Flexibility: Adapting Now and for the Future

As the world continues to grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus, superlatives seem to fall by the wayside. Whether it is the speed of disease transmission, over-crowded hospitals, the empty airplanes and trains, or the rapid descent into economic recession, we are experiencing an unimaginable change in our daily lives. And, although there are variants in different countries, in general there isn’t any part of the world that has been spared. While it is certainly a challenge to deal with the personal impacts on each of us, it is also a fascinating time to observe how individuals and companies are working together to respond and adapt to the new normal.

Pulse Secure, a leading technology provider, specializes in secure access technologies. The company has been at the fore-front of the movement to flexible work environments. Instead of “Dilbert”-like cubicles or more modern collaboration spaces, we now have “work-from-anywhere” requirements. The need to provide secure connectivity hasn’t changed; the challenges have just been magnified. Almost overnight, IT departments were presented with the necessity of sending employees home while still trying to support the same level of productivity that had been demanded in the office. How did companies manage to do this without disrupting business continuity? Organizations around the world turned to Pulse Secure for help.

According to Leo Liu, the APAC CTO of Dentsu Aegis Networks, Pulse provides “the technology means to allow our employees to access corporate resources from any location and at any time securely with a computer or mobile phone, without leaving home.” The CISO of a major international bank, also a Pulse customer called the Pulse team on a Friday in March to enable 100,000 employees to move from work-in-the-office to work-from-home. The 100,000 licenses were provisioned over the weekend and the international financial institution was up and running by that Monday.

The biggest challenge facing security professionals when faced with this new environment is how to enable this type of productive access in a secure manner. Pulse Secure provides a flexible, efficient, scalable, and highly secure system to support access both outside and inside an office, all with the same lightweight client. This dual-access model is particularly important as the world moves to the “new normal” of partial remote and partial in-office work. It is critical that organizations can allow employees’ technology to move seamlessly between working remotely or working in the office while ensuring the same level of secure access.

According to the 2020 Remote WFH Cybersecurity Report, 84% of organizations are likely to continue with increased work-from-home capacity. Since this working model will be the model for the foreseeable future, IT organizations must ensure that a portable device does not pick up a virus or a vulnerability while out of the office which is then used as a vector for an attack on the in-house IT infrastructure.

Helping clients respond to the Coronavirus pandemic has been a unique challenge for Pulse Secure, but a challenge that has been incredibly satisfying as we help businesses and people worldwide. Our customers include major pharmaceutical companies that are developing COVID-19 vaccines; financial institutions working to support the world’s struggling economies and multiple governments who are trying to provide services to their citizens. It has also provided an increase in business of over 250% which has allowed the company to continue to invest in people and technology. The team at Pulse is dedicated to its mission to support secure connectivity and to support people across the globe.

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