Prakash Mana

-January 16, 2018

Increase User Productivity Today with Secure Access

User productivity: every business wants it, but not every business has it. Productivity drops as users find themselves frustrated by poor application performance, multiple passwords, and irritating restrictions. These exhausting access challenges force users to resort to shadow IT or unsecured devices because they just want to accomplish their daily tasks efficiently and seamlessly.

A successful secure access solution combats these difficulties and boosts user productivity in five key ways: 

  1. Sign-on once and access everything: Productivity is hindered if a user has to enter a separate username and password for each application they need. Therefore, secure access starts the moment a user powers up a device by providing the opportunity for single sign-on (SSO) that grants access to all applications, whether they are modern or legacy apps. By validating the user and the device, secure access solutions give the user access to any application as needed without further sign-on requirements.


  1. Find apps instantly through a single portal: Secure access not only makes sign-on easier, it makes finding applications easier. It gets old quickly when users have to go to a URL for one application, and to a different URL for another. With secure access, all applications are available at all times through a single portal, regardless of whether they are located in your data center or in the cloud. Where apps reside becomes transparent to the user: with secure access, the user has access to all applications from one convenient location.


  1. Use any device you want: To successfully enable true productivity for your users, you must support all types of user devices. People work best – with maximum efficiency, concentration, and creativity – on the devices they like most. Individual users will typically employ several devices in the course of their workday, such as a laptop and a smartphone. Secure access not only protects these preferred devices, but provides a seamless experience across them. For example, if a user is accessing an application on his smartphone while taking the train to work, then switches over to his desktop after he arrives at the office, his experience remains the same regardless of device.


  1. Onboard new devices in minutes: Bring your own device (BYOD) is swiftly becoming the norm in businesses today. But the last thing you want to see is a line of impatient employees outside IT the day after a new iPhone is launched, all waiting to get their new devices onboarded so they can get to work. Secure access delivers a level of automation so that users can provision their own devices in minutes, allowing them to stay productive and secure.


  1. Get great performance anywhere: In today’s business environment, users work in the office, at home, over lunch, on the plane, in airports, while driving, and when walking down the street. They may stay local to their company’s offices, fly across the country on occasion, or travel internationally every week. Secure access ensures that applications are always available, regardless of the user’s location. When an application delivery controller (ADC) is integrated with the secure access solution, the user is always connected to the closest data center to guarantee optimal application performance and a superb user experience.


User productivity has many contributing factors, but secure access is foundational. With secure access, no frustrating delays or irritating requirements break users’ concentration and interfere with their work. Put simply, when users can access applications swiftly from any device of their choosing regardless of where they may be, they can get down to business.


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