Abhishek B T

-February 1, 2017

The next booming technology in market is NAC. Pulse Policy Secure the leading NAC and BYOD solution for your enterprise.


Network access control (NAC) is no longer just about role based user access control, device authentication, and guest management.  The Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) solution offers pre and post connect features to assess, characterise and correct operating system and software configurations in real time.

Organisations can identify unhealthy endpoints, such as systems missing important security updates, running unauthorised software, or having other high risk elements, and segment them away from the rest of the network.

As more organisations adopt bring your own device (BYOD) policies and wireless initiatives, there is greater demand for continuous endpoint compliance, or knowing what is running on the endpoint at all times. With PPS in your network, you have real time visibility into all the devices connecting to the network and to be able to enforce security policies on the devices.

Benefits of Pulse Policy Secure 

  • Centralised management of access and compliance policies.
  • Easy integration with several Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting (AAA) servers.
  • Role-based, application-level enforcement.
  • Distributed enforcement of network access policies.
  • Supports leading global-device management solutions from MobileIron and AirWatch.
  • PPS works with the MDM solution to evaluate whether the BYOD or corporate devices are compliant with organisational and Mobile Device Management (MDM) policies.
  • Allows context-aware policy enforcement for wired and wireless connections across desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Supports captive portal capabilities for allowing users onto their guest networks and capturing relevant information.
  • Supports automated device on-boarding, self-service enrolment, and integration with existing infrastructure to simplify deployments.
  • Dynamic endpoint assessment and enforcement.
  • Supports Profiler functionality, which helps you to get visibility and enforce your security policies for corporate access, BYOD, and guest access.
  • Supports comprehensive network visibility with simplified auditing, and monitoring of devices.
  • Supports interoperability with existing network infrastructure such as switches, wireless controllers, AD, firewalls, IDS, and Security information and event management (SIEM).

For more information on Pulse Policy Secure, see  https://www.pulsesecure.net/policy-secure/tech-info/