Genard Garcia

-October 16, 2018

The Perfect Synergy for Business Globalization

There was once a time in the corporate business world when everyone was expected to always be in the office to perform their day-to-day operations. Work started at 9 AM and ended at 5 PM. This is what they called the “Banker’s Hours.” Over the years, as the Internet was introduced into these corporate worlds, new applications and technologies were developed to adhere the new requirements of the remote workforce revolution. Since the Internet was the backbone for all access technologies, new technologies have emerged to support the high demand for remote access accessibility. New technologies such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Global Load Balancing (GLB), VoIP, Video Conferencing, Advanced Networking and more continued to accelerate in development to help smooth the technology transitions and to improve the user experience across global connectivity. The concept of business globalization took place and ruined the idea of the so called “Banker’s Hours”.

Global Load Balancing also known as GLB has been in existence for over 20 years. GLB has been a proven technology and it works in conjunction with DNS infrastructures by maintaining metric-based queries that determines the load or geography of a request.  This technology has been deployed with multinational businesses over the years to be able to maintain their level of business globalization.

Likewise, Virtual Private Network (VPN) has been in existence for over 20 years and with Business Globalization, the continued use of VPN technology has become essential as remote workers access corporate information. The purpose of Remote Access VPN securely allows an individual to connect to remote private networks.

The combination of GLB and VPN technology makes a perfect solution to a company that provides global infrastructure and 24×7 operation. The Pulse GLB solution can automatically redirect clients to the closest VPN resources available when required. The client advantages are significant as it can route clients request seamlessly without clients input, minimize network latency and faster response.

With Pulse Secure’s leading VPN technology, Pulse Connect Secure, coupled with Traffic Manager Global Load Balancing, the delivered solution is perfect for business globalization. The purpose of GLB with VPN is to provide the following advantages:

Client Advantages:

-Better user experience with low latency Application Access

-Higher application availability regardless of location boundaries

-Client automatically redirected to the closest location based on geography and network proximity


Network Advantages:

-Optimal Gateway Selection of VPN (Pulse Connect Secure): solution allows proximity load balancing to the closest PCS resources

-Increase PCS scalability: vADC enables the PCS to add more VPN nodes

-Load sharing across multiple locations and enabling multi-location redundancy

How it works

With the combination of VPN and Advanced Global Load Balancing technologies from Pulse Secure, the solution offers a significant advantage when connecting and accessing corporate resources within a globalized organization. When the Traffic Manager receives a request from the client, the Virtual Traffic Manager adds location-awareness to the client so that it could route the request to the nearest VPN resource. It also offers redundancy in case an assigned resource goes down caused by weather disaster or network problems, the client will have the option to be transferred to another available resource. In today’s business world, deploying a full gamut of Pulse Secure Remote Access Products and Application Delivery Controllers makes a perfect synergy to global workplace. Regardless of what time of the day and location, Pulse Secure makes a complete solution to a successful and productive workforce.


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