Sudhakar Ramakrishna

-July 28, 2017

Please welcome our new vADC team and solutions!

It has been an exciting two months since we announced that the Brocade vADC team will become part of Pulse Nation. Having been part of several acquisitions, and having studied several acquisitions – both successful and unsuccessful – it is evident that strategic fit and financial fit are all IMPORTANT. What’s critical, however, is the cultural, and people, fit.

Over the last two months and even prior to that, I had the opportunity to meet several vADC customers and partners. The confidence that customers have in the solution set is very encouraging, they are eager to leverage its full potential and urged us to find ways to accelerate things. We intend doing just that! Customers and partners broadly appreciate how the vADC portfolio enhances the Pulse Secure mission of delivering Secure Access solutions for people, devices, things and services. The strategic fit, in other words, is obvious.

The vADC team expands our addressable market by at least $500M. The market is growing in healthy double digits and given the diversity of the customer base and the competitiveness of the solution, I am confident that we will build a strong business and also deliver ongoing innovations. The financial fit has been sufficiently whetted.

The cultural and people fit is probably the most difficult aspect to establish in any acquisition. The only way we establish this is by spending a lot of time together and this requires two willing parties. I am pleased with how quickly the teams came together and in the process of getting to know one other, also created actionable plans that will help accelerate our ability to deliver customer success. The pride displayed by the members of the vADC team was palpable and their competence and commitment was obvious. We enlisted several leaders to help with integration planning activities and they carried them with a smile, while supporting their day-to-day responsibilities of delivering new solutions, marketing and selling them and supporting the ongoing operations and customer obligations. Please accept my sincere thanks for the same! This process of engaging over the last two months reinforced the cultural and people fit and I cannot be more excited about the possibilities.

Virtualization, Cloudification, Internet of Things and Application/Services Access are all critical priorities for Pulse. The vADC team has rich experience in each of these areas and I am looking forward to joint solutions that serve our customers’ current and future needs.

On behalf of ALL Pulsers, I am thrilled to welcome the Brocade vADC team and wish everyone all the very best as they begin their Pulse journey. We welcome and continue to hire, groom and promote Pulsers with excellent Competence, total Commitment and fantastic Attitudes.

Looking forward!