Pulse Employee

-June 28, 2018

Pulse Secure ADC on AWS GovCloud (US)

With the availability of Pulse Secure Application Delivery Controller (ADC) products on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketing for AWS GovCloud (US), it’s easier than ever for U.S. government agencies and customers to build out agile, high-performance cloud applications. Pulse Secure’s virtual ADC makes it easy to build and test new, innovative applications on AWS GovCloud by supporting faster release cycles and rapid on-demand scaling. In addition to extending the capabilities of Amazon’s own application delivery tools, which includes offering scalable L7 capabilities that can be used to augment user experience and security in a rapid development lifecycle, Pulse Secure offers the widest support available in the market for integrating with lifecycle tools on AWS.

Pulse Secure’s virtual ADC is one of the most advanced virtual application delivery controllers in the market, with fast, reliable and scalable application delivery across virtual and cloud platforms. Automation and centralized management capabilities help to accelerate and simplify service deployment while application-level security protects the organization. By playing a central role in load balancing workloads and enabling access to applications, ADC technology is also an ideal location for monitoring application activities, which is a core capability of the new Pulse Secure virtual ADC.

Pulse Secure has a long-standing partnership with the U.S. government, and with support for automation and integration with DevOps tools on AWS GovCloud (US) Region, agencies can now benefit from the next generation of high-growth applications on the AWS cloud.

For more information visit: www.pulsesecure.net/vadc

Pulse vADC innovations doesn’t stop here: Pulse Secure Virtual Application Delivery Controller Product on Google Cloud Platform.