Pulse Employee

-October 26, 2015

Pulse Secure Education Center – Giving Customers a Customized Learning Experience

The rise of online learning has led to a shift in the education continuum, from face-to-face to online, from courses to resources, from generic to tailored solutions, and from compliance to competence. It is not an abandonment of effective traditional learning practices, but a transition that empowers learners to design and drive their own educational needs. By blending online videos, eLearning, and collaborative communities with traditional classroom learning, learners achieve maximum results.

Pulse Secure recently introduced its Education Center to foster a continuous learning ecosystem. The Education Center is a single access online learning platform providing educational services that enable customer and partner development by increasing time-to-productivity and staff competency with Pulse Secure’s products and services.

With an annual subscription to the Education Center, customers will have unlimited access to a variety of content, including eLearning accreditation courses, product insight videos, knowledge base articles, community discussions, and more. Through targeted content curation, analysis of curated content, and social feedback, Pulse Secure ensures the value of the subscription by providing fresh and relevant content.

In addition, Pulse Secure’s global network of award-winning Authorized Education Partners offer certification classes to customers and partners either in-person or live online providing in-depth, hands-on training for product mastery. The Education Center enables individuals to view and request upcoming Pulse Secure Authorized Education Partner certification classes, complete certification exams, and manage their certifications.

Pulse Secure’s Education Center is the central platform for resource access and facilitates unlimited customer and partner learning opportunities.

For more information on Pulse Secure educational services, see https://www.pulsesecure.net/education/ or email [email protected].
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