Stephanie Briggs

-December 5, 2017

Pulse Secure Presents at Fortinet’s Partner Acceleration Road Show 2017

Pulse Secure’s commitment in delivering Secure Access solutions for people, devices, things, and services continually thrives as we expand our ecosystem to offer vendor agnostic solutions. Pulse Policy Secure is a key pillar of Secure Access, offering a standards-based, scalable network access control (NAC) solution that reduces network threat exposure and mitigates risks. Working with next-generation firewall vendors like Fortinet offers customers a comprehensive security solution to meet today’s BYOD, hybrid-cloud, and data center security requirements.

We are very excited to be a part of the Fortinet Fabric-Ready program. Recently, Pulse Secure participated in Fortinet’s Partner Acceleration Road Show in St. Louis, where partners were eager to understand how they can optimize security with the Fortinet and Pulse Secure integration.

The combined integration provides context aware enforcement and threat management to reduce response time by taking automated enforcement actions.

Use cases:

    • Extend BYOD-NAC to perimeter defense – A stronger security posture with unified access policies that extend from BYOD-NAC systems to Firewall perimeter defenses offer end-to-end enforcement across the network.


    • Reduce Threat response time by performing user and device access control based on threats identified by Fortinet next-generation firewall and analyzer – Fortinet products continuously monitor traffic and send alerts on compromised devices with severity level, while Pulse Policy Secure takes enforcement action at the endpoint level.


    • Optimize Secure Access from remote connections to local protected resources – End user seamlessly connects through remote connection (VPN) and access protected resources behind the firewall.


To learn more about the integration, download the Solution Brief.