Ashur Kanoon

-June 18, 2018

Pulse Secure Release 9.0 Security Highlights

Pulse Secure’s customers trust that Security is our top concern, so with every release comes more features and enhancements to further harden our solutions.

Let’s take a look at a few of the security highlights across Connect Secure (SSL VPN), Policy Secure (NAC), and our desktop and mobile clients.

Threat-aware FW Integration Network-wide, automated access response based on threat intelligence from Palo Alto Networks FWs.  Our firewall technical partners know a lot about what devices are doing so why not leverage that and take the appropriate, configurable action on the network.  This may include disabling the user account.

Remote Session Federation across FWs PCS can now leverage session federation to dynamically provision PPS-controlled Palo Alto Networks FWs.  This means securely pushing user and policy information to a firewall for remote users who are accessing protected applications or data.  Users love the seamless experience.

TACACS+ support Granular access of network devices for admins.  Quickly create different admin groups and lock down what your admins can do down to the commands available.

Always-On VPN for Mac Enforce the level of security required by making sure VPN is always on and that user traffic is going through your security stack if necessary.

On-demand VPN for Android Simplify your end-user experience and enhance security by letting the Pulse Mobile client for Android automatically secure your important data.

Minimum Client Enforcement Ensure that your users are upgrading to the IT recommended desktop client.  The latest desktop clients are always being improved and enhanced so make sure your users are upgrading.

macOS Version Checks enhance your Host Checker policy using new macOS version verification.

SMB v2/v3 Support SAMBA module upgrades for enhanced security when file browsing.

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