Leena Shah

-May 28, 2019

Pulse Secure Training and Certification Program

Are you ready to get CERTIFIED?

Show your professional credentials in zero trust network security by becoming a Certified Technical Expert.

Today’s network engineers, system architects and IT support specialists have to juggle multiple equally high-stake priorities: protecting resources, monitoring access and assessing threats, all while ensuring seamless functionality for enterprise users and stakeholders. To add an additional dimension to the complexity, this work happens in a dynamic and evolving environment. How can network administrators express their professional accreditation today when the cybersecurity threats and challenges have changed since yesterday?

Between corporate network access control demands, BYOD policies and the IoTization of, well everything, the market demand for cybersecurity professionals has outpaced the training and education of the workforce. Growth of automation, expectation for onboard intelligence and a projected global expansion of 18.3% by 2025 for the IoT market means the demand for top-of-their-game cyber professionals exceeds the pool of properly trained security experts.

A recent study from ISC2, the leading global professional association of cybersecurity professionals, has pointed out a gap of nearly 3 million positions globally. Key in closing this gap is access to the training and education necessary to implement evolved security solutions. As Zero Trust network security becomes the new market baseline for ensuring that every device and user is authenticated before, and throughout, network connection, security experts seek the most relevant deployment and implementation training.

With zero trust infused in its DNA since inception Pulse Secure has been delivering products and solutions that verifies users, provides control access with policy and end-point assessments and location awareness to verify devices. Augmented by an SDP (Software Defined Perimeter) model that reduces the threat surface by deploying dark site support, Pulse Secure’s suite of products delivers elite-level functionality and is offering the training and certification opportunities to elevate an elite class of network administrators.

Launched earlier this year, our Training and Certification Program offers the core curriculum and hands-on lab-based learning to ensure administrators and security support team members are adequately trained in deployment, configuration, implementation and configuration of Pulse Secure products.

Course offerings include:

Additionally, successful completion of the training modules prepares students for the requirements necessary to receive Pulse Secure Technical Expert certification.

Certification exams are currently in place for:

Close the knowledge gap and demonstrate your commitment to hybrid IT security by taking the plunge towards certification!