Pulse Employee

-September 30, 2015

Pulse Workspace – a five-star endpoint security solution

We’re always happy when we can share company and product updates, customer successes and of course, when Pulse Secure is recognized in the industry for hard work and dedication to providing next generation secure access. Today, we are thrilled to share that Pulse Workspace, our flagship mobile security solution, has earned a five-star rating from SC Magazine’s endpoint security review team.

This is quite an honor for our organization, specifically as we approach our one-year anniversary as a standalone company. Not only is SC Magazine the premier source for security news, opinions and product reviews in the industry, but they have a very selective process that many vendors covet to be in.

According to SC Magazine: “Solid endpoint security deployment for mobile devices … preserves the user experience, [and] does not interfere with typical device use while still protecting data.”

And regarding Pulse Workspace: “If your organization allows mobile devices – especially BYOD – take a close look at this one. It can prevent a lot of pain.”

Although brief, these two sentences perfectly capture the goal, which we at Pulse Secure have had for a long time – to enable secure access and provide enterprise users with an experience that enables them to get work done wherever they are from any device they choose. The evolution of BYOD and the Cloud has unearthed many concerns and vulnerabilities within the security community. Our CEO, Sudhakar Ramakrishna, has gone on to say many times that although security needs to be at the forefront for all enterprises, the focus should always be on enabling enterprise workers to access what they need in order to be productive.

For many companies, BYOD and security are top of mind, as they wrestle with the deployment dilemma of compromising security or impacting the end-user’s mobile-friendly experience. We at Pulse Secure are not fans of tradeoffs, and Pulse Secure Workspace’s recognition is a true testament to the hard work, dedication and innovation that our company has demonstrated.

To read the full review on SCMagazine.com, please follow the link here.