Ashur Kanoon

-June 5, 2018

Release 9.0 Flexibility and Scale Highlights

Pulse Secure continues to innovate around deployment flexibility and scale.  Hybrid IT and multi-cloud deployments are common, and we’re helping make them easy.  Scalable solutions mean more users with more devices.  When your users add one of the 1.2 billion IoT devices deployed globally, we’ll help you automatically see them and enable the level of Secure Access needed.

Let’s take a look at a few of the flexibility and scale highlights across Connect Secure, Policy Secure, and our desktop and mobile clients.

PCS on AWS A brand new Virtual Appliance specifically engineered for Amazon Web Services.  Cloud-ready Secure Access which can be deployed globally and can take advantage of the reliability of AWS.

Clustering Enhancements WAN and VA clustering so that you no longer have to have appliances in the same data center to take advantage of config synchronization across a cluster. Also, clustering is no longer just for hardware. Hypervisor and cloud-based VAs can now be clustered.  No more downtime.

License Server HA Physical and virtual license servers just got better with the ability to have a hot-standby waiting to automatically service licensing clients.

PCLS Proxy Want to take advantage of our Cloud-based licensing without making your appliance public facing? No more having to “poke holes” in your firewall.  The configuration of a proxy is now available for all Pulse One and PCLS communications.

REST API for PPS Leverage your DevOps tools to configure PPS.  The REST API adds to the DMI and NetConf methods of configuration currently available on Policy Secure.  Automating the deployment of PPS has just gotten easier.

Distributed Profiling One of the industries only Profilers without blind spots.  The Profiler functionality built-in to Pulse Policy Secure sees everything on and off-premise connecting to your network or cloud apps.  With the distributed model, deploy remote profiling at all entry points to the network.

Profiling Flexibility Backup/restore/migrate your profiling database easily.  Update one of the existing fingerprints easily to classify a device exactly how you want, then backup the modifications as well.  Lastly, if you have want update profiles across multiple discovered devices, do that all with a few clicks.

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