Ashur Kanoon

-June 25, 2018

Release 9.0 UX Highlights

With every release of Pulse Secure software, user experience enhancements are front and center.  Our users aren’t limited to just administrators but include all sorts of end-users.  These end-users may be highly technical engineers accessing build servers to nurses trying look up prescriptions.  Admins want to quickly, easily, and securely enable productivity and we’re making that possible.

Let’s take a look at a few of the UX highlights across Connect Secure, Policy Secure, and our desktop and mobile clients.

Redesigned Landing Pages Beautiful, yet simple-to-use portals across all platforms.  These can quickly be enabled (one click) for unique sign-in policies to help end users distinguish between internal and cloud applications.

HTML5 Enhancements The ability to set user experience flags in an RDP session means happier end users.  When accessing desktops remotely, it’s not always necessary to consume extra processor cycles with such things as the wallpaper, theme, font smoothing and more.  Simply turn them off for speedier RDP sessions.

FQDN Split-tunneling IP-based split-tunneling is almost impossible when cloud Apps are using hundreds of IPs that can change dynamically.  Also, your organization may be using a large number of discontiguous subnets but a single, internal domain.  Use FQDN split-tunneling, enter the fully qualified domain name or a higher level-domain, and let us take care of the rest. 

On-demand VPN for Android Simplify your end-user experience and enhance security by letting the Pulse Mobile client for Android automatically secure your important data.  Pulse is one of the only vendors that has enable On-demand, perApp VPN with certificate-based authentication making for the easiest possible user experience.  Your end users know how to use their apps, and to them, there are absolutely no changes in their usage and productivity. This feature isn’t only great for UX, but also enhances security and enables access.

SAML-aware Clients Pulse desktop clients now detect SAML sessions and enable SSO without the need of an external browser.  For organizations that already use SAML authentication, this can be enabled in minutes.

Always-On VPN for Mac Enforce the level of security required to ensure compliance.  Pair Always-On VPN with location awareness and make sure that users are connected and going through your security stack is necessary. 

Minimum Client Enforcement With all of the great features coming into our clients, we now provide the ability to ensure that your users are upgrading to the IT recommended desktop client.

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