Stephanie Briggs

-May 6, 2020

From a Remote Workforce to a Remote World

Today’s remote workforce looks different from the remote workforce just one month ago. Business productivity depends on accessing resources from any device and any location whether on-premise or in the cloud. Although the concept and implementation of a remote workforce is common in today’s mobile world, are businesses prepared to expand remote access requirements when faced with unpredicted circumstances?

Did you know between March 8th – March 22nd, there was a 124% increase in VPN usage? We all know why. But were companies ready for what the world is calling the biggest work-from-home experiment? We also know the answer to this.

Why were some companies more successful at scaling a remote workforce than others?

Let’s start with some of the challenges that companies are facing:

  • Quickly enabling secure access for more workers
  • Seamlessly integrating access with existing policies
  • Continuing to meet compliance mandates and requirements
  • Deploying new and additional secure access infrastructure
  • Integrating new solution with existing network and security infrastructure

It’s always been our mission to deliver Secure Access Solutions for People, Devices, Things, and Services. With 18 million secured endpoints and 20K+ customers, Pulse Secure has the most comprehensive secure remote access solution designed for mobile workforces.

Pulse Secure’s VPN solution, Pulse Connect Secure, enables seamless access to resources in the data center or in the cloud. Its single client maximizes productivity with simultaneous access to multiple applications and uniform access policies across all types of connections devices. This means fewer help desk calls.

Say goodbye to administrative overhead with PCS’ self-service client installation. Users only need to know their credentials for automated provisioning of device VPN, Wi-Fi, email, and certificates.

Check devices at various times and under various conditions with dynamic, adaptive multi-factor authentication with behavior analytics.

Pulse Connect Secure significantly reduces the chance of malware infecting networks through stateful endpoint security compliance.

What else differentiates Pulse Connect Secure?

We offer In-Case-of-Emergency (ICE) licensing to maximize the capacity of appliances when faced with unpredicted circumstances or natural disasters. Organizations can instantly address a dramatic peak in demand for remote access by supporting additional user capacity and shifting licenses across Pulse Secure physical, virtual, and cloud appliances.

There are many circumstances that can and will arise, requiring organizations to rapidly expand remote access capabilities to ensure business continuity, operational efficacy and protected accessibility. With an advanced, emergency readiness strategy in place, business resiliency, user productivity, and Secure Access won’t just be an afterthought. You and your business will be ready for the future.

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