Ashur Kanoon

-February 8, 2017

RSA Conference 2017: Top 10 reasons to visit the Pulse Secure demo pods

RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco is right around the corner.  Technical Marketing is busy getting our demos together.  Product Marketing is working hard on messaging.  As a company, we have a big announcement for you.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 reasons to visit the Pulse Secure demo pods.

  1. Stump a Pulse TME. We can’t wait to meet our distributors, partners, and customers.  With all the knowledge out there, we always get those folks that want to come by and stump one of our TMEs.  Join in the fun and try to stump us.  We all may learn something new.
  1. Win something nice. This year, we have some cool tech gadgets that you can win. Leave the stress balls and stickers for the noobs.
  1. Get relationship advice. No, not that kind of relationship advice, unless you’re buying the beers.  The relationship advice we can provide is how Pulse Secure and you can come together to enable Secure Access.  Our employees, partners, and online community are there to help show you why we believe in Pulse Secure.
  1. Charge your phone. We have demo equipment and varying chargers, so come by and listen to some delightful messages while your device goes from the red bar to green bar.  And stop checking your email every two seconds to conserve battery.
  1. Sync up with PLMs and PMMs. With all hands on deck this year, it’s a great opportunity to come by and meet product management and marketing folks.  Give us feedback on our existing products or recommend some future enhancements.
  1. Get your technical questions answered. With direct access to technical marketing and sales engineers, this is a great opportunity to get your technical questions answered on the spot.  If we can’t, we’ll take your contact info and make sure we get you the info you need.
  1. Build a connection. Ask for a business card.  It’ll be your passport to a Pulse Secure insider and may come in very handy in the future.
  1. Sign up for AcmeGizmo. For Pulse Secure folks and our partners, AcmeGizmo is a valuable tool to help learn and demo the Pulse Solution Set.  If you don’t have an account, we can give you one.  If you’re a Partner, we can tell you all about AcmeGizmo and let you know how you can go about getting an account from your local SE.  See for more info.
  1. Learn what’s new in the latest and upcoming releases.  We just are to ship Connect Secure 8.3 and Policy Secure 5.4, both jam-packed with innovative new features.  While we don’t have the time to demo them all, we can quickly let you know what’s new.
  1. See our demo. To avoid spoiling the demo, we’ll just say that you’ll be surprised by how powerful the showcased solution is, while being very easy to configure and deploy.

See you in beautiful San Francisco.  Wear layers and comfortable shoes.