Pulse Employee

-April 13, 2018

Secure Access – better together.

It has been six months since we completed the acquisition of the vADC business into Pulse Secure. Expanding our Secure Access portfolio with vADC allows Pulse Secure to better realize our vision of delivering secure access solutions for people, devices, things, and services.  Hybrid-IT is driving new paradigms for what it means to be secure. Together we now can bring our people, products, and customers together to solve these new challenges with innovative solutions.


With the vADC business came nearly 100 people from across all disciplines, each with deep knowledge of their functional area.  From Engineering, Product Management and Marketing to Sales, Sales Engineering and Support, the vADC team has been working closely with the existing Pulsers to truly become better together.  One of the best examples of this was  a recent cross-training session for Sales Engineers.  After basic product orientations and demos, the talented and collaborative team got real.  They quickly went into joint solution mode, identifying known customer challenges that could be filled with each other’s products, as they stand today.  The team was further brainstorming new creative solutions that would meet our customers’ emerging needs.  Watching these smart-creatives iterating and developing new customer solutions together was quite inspiring.  That kind of energy is present in every team, fostering new ideas which leverage each other’s strengths.  Born virtual, the vADC team brings deep cloud, virtualization and hybrid experience to the broader team.  Twenty-thousand customers strong, Pulse Secure’s team has scale, and customer support experience second to none.  Putting all these strengths together, plus the product synergies, shows just how much better together we are going to be.


Innovation is the key to product development, especially in the high-tech world of Silicon Valley.  In a mature category, like Application Delivery Controllers or VPN, innovation can come in several forms from core product functionality, or contextual frameworks of cloud, enterprise management and analytics to development of new business models. Here at Pulse Secure, fulfilling the Secure Access story with the addition of vADC does all three.  We are well on our way to having solutions that address use cases in the core of secure access, including scaled installations of Pulse Connect Secure, Pulse Policy Secure, and application access. Leveraging the combined knowledge and creativity of our team allows us to innovate even more quickly.

In addition to the core functionality, we have been hard at work developing the next generation of the contextual elements of Pulse One and Services Director. Both are enterprise management and analytics platforms offering rich features, but each has complementary strengths. Pulse One is stronger in the enterprise management realm while Services Director is stronger in analytics and pooled license management.  Combining these two platforms into one innovative, robust Pulse One solution will enable our current and future customers to easily realize the benefits of the Secure Access story, together with leveraging all the product Pulse has to offer.


I am personally most impressed with our customers.  They have shown incredible faith and resilience as we transitioned over to Pulse Secure.  After a very long period of uncertainty, our customers see that the vADC team and product have found the perfect fit for the long run.  We have seen existing customers resume their normal buying patterns and new prospects convert into newly loyal Pulse Secure customers. Many of the existing installed base truly see the Secure Access vision and how vADC fits so nicely.  Witnessing the quick emergence of such buying trends further validates that Pulse is the right home for our team.

Pulse Secure CEO, Sudhakar Ramakrishna said “We had the opportunity to talk to a number of customers before the acquisition. Without exception, every customer seemed genuinely committed to the vADC solution and appreciated the team’s focus, commitment and competence. The rationale for the acquisition also was well received in the broader context of Secure Access – after all, the vADC provides scalable, secure access to applications and helps ensure a great user experience no matter the device or location of users. “

Truly better together is more than solely a product vision.  Being better together means that by combining the vADC team, product and customers within the larger Secure Access vision of Pulse Secure we can accomplish greater things as a company and can provide better solutions to our customers as they make their journey into an increasingly hybrid-IT world.  After only six months, we can see this combined vision taking shape and already yielding results.

Marion Smith III

Vice President & General Manager

vADC Business Unit – Pulse Secure


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