Jim Hebler

-June 20, 2018

Secure Access Productivity Built for the User Experience

When wearing the evangelist hat for Pulse Secure, we’re privileged to work with some great security minds. Tsion Gonen – ex-CTO of Gemalto-Safenet – helped us present how ubiquitous Secure Access has to perform in today’s digitally demanding times. We’ll let Tsion tell it:

“Remember the amazement and feeling you got when you used your first iPhone?,” Tsion asked at Lambeau Field at Pulse partner Synercomm’s Wisconsin wide 2018 Technology Summit. “How about the feeling when you drive a Tesla or a high-end performance machine? That’s the end user experience everyone has to have digitally on every device or they won’t engage with you, period.”

When you engage with Pulse Secure’s CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna or any of our leading-edge product development teams, this seamless productivity that always works, is always on and is always there in an instant, is what Pulse Secure must deliver.

“Pulse Secure is not about remote access or simply about control anymore,” Sudhakar Ramakrishna says. “It’s about always-on, always works, in the background productivity, no matter what.”

Any application has to seamlessly be delivered, work, and perform NOW – encrypted, protected, assured. E-mail tunnels-pathways-gateways need to be secure, visible and monitored. And, once delivered – these gateway tunnels must be dissipated, gone and done – SECURE, PRODUCTIVE, JOB DONE – NOW.

Websites, dev-ops, shared collaborations, Office 365 sessions, financial transactions all require ubiquitous Secure Access, access that is secure, seamless, interoperable, and even automated.

This begins a blog series from the road that we’re developing built for You – our Pulse Secure audience because we know what’s at stake.

Do You? Ubiquitous Secure Access that integrates up and down the network technology stack with firewalls, SIEM and compliance necessities required by our regulatory friends is available from Pulse Secure. It’s what we do best without disrupting the user experience and keeping your business productivity in the forefront.


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