Sudhakar Ramakrishna

-December 12, 2017

Secure Access in the Virtual Landscape

Whether supporting “workstyle innovation” initiatives in Japan or supporting higher order compliance requirements for the financial sector, our mission to deliver Secure Access solutions for people, devices, things and services is improving the productivity of enterprises all over the world at an increasing rate. Central to our Secure Access mission is the core belief that “Security must be about ACCESS and NOT (just) about CONTROL”.

Our design goal priorities:

  1. Simpler and more integrated user experiences
  2. Designing for “inherently” mobile users and
  3. Supporting hybrid deployments

To date, the majority of our Secure Access deployments have been on industry standard appliances, known for high-performance, ease of maintenance and superior ROI.  I have the good fortune of meeting customers across the world to understand their needs and determine how Pulse Secure, and partner, solutions are ideally suited to deliver their success. Routinely, the following challenges and considerations emerge:

  • Access sprawl – different technologies and applications with custom access solutions leading to Security holes and administration overhead
  • Too many clients leading to management challenges – mobile, network access, remote access etc.
  • Complexity that leads to higher IT costs and a decrease in administrator productivity
  • The question of “how best to leverage cloud/hybrid deployments in a Secure manner”

Our exclusive focus on Secure Access and our more than 800 talented Pulsers have been, and are dedicated, to addressing each of the above – and emerging – customer needs. We have made rapid progress since our inception and our latest improvements are aimed at giving our customers more CHOICES by supporting virtual editions and cloud delivery options.

Our recently announced software releases present customers the opportunity to enable Secure Access for their changing data center, allowing them to:

  • Procure and deploy virtual editions of our industry leading Secure Access Solutions. We support a broad, and ever growing, range of virtual environments for the data center
  • Optionally deploy in various cloud environments. Customers and partners can procure from various cloud marketplaces, including Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL) configurations
  • Flexibly procure virtual editions as subscriptions. This gives them the option of choosing between CapEx and OpEx deployments

We have ensured complete feature parity between our virtual, cloud and physical editions – an important consideration for deployment flexibility. Customers can mix and match physical,  virtual and cloud deployments as their Hybrid IT needs dictate and leverage common clients, licensing servers and management platforms to integrate their access solutions and enhance the productivity of their employees from any device and from any location, all while enjoying the flexible deployment and pricing options. Our Customer Success and Support offerings are all available with these new virtual and cloud editions.

Pulse Secure remains relentlessly focused on customer success. As we accelerate the Secure Access journey, supporting cloud and virtual deployment models and other emerging technologies, our core belief will always be the basis of Secure Access solutions, the belief that security must be about Access and NOT just control.