Hemanth Kumar K

-November 19, 2018

Securing a day in the life of a digital age employee

Digitalization and technological innovations have revolutionized every aspect of life including the way we work and access enterprise resources. A working day in the life of a digital age employee is not confined to the number of hours spent in office and the access is not limited to just one device. He may check his mails from his personal device, attend meetings while commuting to the office, or finish a presentation while waiting at an airport. Undoubtedly, modern workforce is growing increasingly remote and mobile. Being able to connect at any time through multiple means, the digital age employee expects a seamless access experience for enterprise resources at all times. Digitalization transformed the way we work by effectively blending work and life. It has empowered organizations to develop and implement all the tools for work-life integration while helping employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

How does this translate to functional requirements of CISOs and network security professionals when designing a new age secure network which allows users to securely access corporate data from anywhere and with any device?

First and foremost, users should be allowed to access from multiple devices (managed as well as unmanaged) and from any location. Needless to say, this has to be backed up with the ability to define dynamic access controls and differentiated access privileges like restricting access to critical corporate data from un-managed devices and completely quarantining non-compliant devices. Furthermore, a compliant user from a compliant device should be allowed to seamlessly access company resources. In addition to this, a good handoff/migration mechanism is necessary when users move from remote to on-premise and vice-versa such that users don’t need to face login/connectivity hassles every time he roams or accesses from a new device. Lastly, Admins should have full visibility and control of both the devices within the enterprise network as well as devices that are accessing the network.

Pulse Secure, the leader in Secure Access solutions, has been consistently delivering enterprise grade security solutions with a holistic view of Hybrid IT networks with a strong belief in the notion of simplified access to users – as our CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna likes to say, “Access is not JUST about control.”

So how does Pulse Secure’s Secure Access solutions ensure security and enable seamless access to resources all at the same time? 

Seamless User experience

With Pulse Secure, users do not need to establish explicit connections for accessing corporate data. Secure connections are automatically established on demand, either with application access or when users connect to a secure network.

Seamless Connectivity & Single Sign-On

Employees are now using the same device for both corporate access and personal use. Employees expect the same experience whether accessing enterprise cloud applications, accessing corporate resources in a data center or scheduling an Uber pickup. They want the same seamless, secure, and quick access anywhere, anytime. Pulse Secure appliances support many Single Sign-On methodologies and federation protocols to allow seamless connectivity. Pulse Secure supports session migration between its VPN & NAC appliances, allowing users to connect only once and continue using corporate resources from multiple devices irrespective of their location provided he complies to enterprise security policies.

Easy On-boarding

Instant adoption of IoT gadgets along with constant upgrades of the Internet Age, means an organization’s corporate data is being accessed from new devices all the time. Native on-boarding support within the appliance as well as integration with all the major device management vendors allows quick on boarding of devices and allows employees to securely connect to enterprise networks.

Unified Client

Having multiple clients for different requirements completely hampers user experience and hits productivity as well. Pulse Secure has one single unified client that handles all VPN, NAC and MDM connections with integrated compliance assessment capabilities. Pulse Secure client is supported on all the major platforms like Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS, Android etc.

Pulse Secure truly understands the Digital IT transformation as well as the changing perceptions of a digital age employee and the need for one-touch Seamless and Secure Access. Secure Access solutions from Pulse couples security with all access methodologies and acts as an invisible shield in protecting and securing the everyday life of a new age digital employee.