Hemanth Kumar K

-September 4, 2018

Securing SaaS with Pulse Secure Access

The footprint of Cloud is expanding at an exponential rate and more applications are being made available as SaaS applications, providing enterprises with the benefits of reduced maintenance overhead, lower up-front costs, scalability, reliability, and increased productivity. SaaS is undeniably the leader in the cloud market. Analyst reports show an upward trend for SaaS, with revenue expected to grow 22.2%, reaching $73.6 billion in 2018. Gartner expects SaaS to reach 45% of total application software spending by 2021.

Like every new technology, SaaS also has its own share of security concerns and when not strategically planned and implemented, can lead to major security threats. Identity Management holds a key proposition in this as enterprises try to avoid exposing user credentials to multiple SaaS vendors outside of their organization. Data Security is another important aspect. Enterprise admins need the ability to govern the level of access granted to users to corporate resources stored in the cloud.

And let’s not forget about BYOD, access granted to users from any device, anywhere and anytime. In a true digital enterprise, with resources spread across multiple data centers and multiple cloud vendors, users should be allowed to access from any location and any device. It’s important to note that Secure Access is not only about securing data and authentication traffic but it is also of paramount importance to deliver simple and frictionless access to enterprise resources, a model based on enablement rather than restriction.

All these technological advancements drive new security paradigms and Secure Access is more relevant now than ever. Pulse Secure provides comprehensive Secure Access solutions for Hybrid IT and enables seamless access. With a 25,000+ rich customer base, Pulse Secure’s VPN gateway, Pulse Connect Secure, has been an integral part of enterprise data centers in providing secure remote access solutions for more than a decade. Cloud Secure, a premium offering from Pulse Secure, extends Secure Access capabilities to SaaS applications. Cloud Secure is integrated into Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) to enable easier transformation from a traditional data center to Hybrid IT.

Pulse Cloud Secure blends traditional IT security policies with BYOD and extends it to cloud applications, allowing flexible deployments and access methodologies.

Here are some of the key capabilities of Cloud Secure:

Identity Management – Cloud Secure has strong authentication mechanisms, supports MFA and serves as a SAML identity provider. It has integrations with all the major authentication engines like AD, LDAP, Certificate based, RADIUS etc.

Secure Single Sign-On (SSO) – SAML based SSO allows pre-authenticated users to access resources without entering credentials again. It also tunnels authentication exchanges between client and PCS thus providing Secure Single Sign-On to SaaS, Cloud, and Enterprise hosted resources.

Continuous Compliance to SaaS – Pulse Secure offers Host Checking and unmatched posture assessments capabilities and does continuous monitoring to take immediate action for any violations.

Seamless Access/Better User Experience – Cloud Secure connections are location and application aware and triggers automatic on-demand connections for seamless connectivity and better user experience.

Avoids Backhauling – Cloud Secure eliminates data center hair pinning by optionally sending authentication, authorization, and compliance check traffic to the PCS gateway in the data center and sends application data directly to the cloud.

Conditional Access – Pulse Secure’s robust policy framework allows defining granular and conditional access policies to control user access to corporate resources.

Better integration with MDM servers – Pulse Secure’s integration with MDM servers helps in better management of mobile devices by keeping corporate data secure from personal data. In addition to this, better compliance rules and enforcement methods are possible with device attributes retrieved from MDM servers.

Third-Party IdP Integrations – Cloud Secure integrates with Third-Party Identity Providers such as AD FS, Ping Identity and OKTA to support existing deployments that have already implemented these Identity management solutions. This helps customers get all the additional benefits of Cloud Secure without major changes in existing deployments.

Intuitive Administrator Experience – Cloud Secure configuration is possible through a simplified and intuitive admin interface. These improvements enhance the admin experience and helps by prepopulating the relevant settings, reusing existing configurations and guides with insightful help sections.

Pulse Cloud Secure is loaded with all the capabilities in delivering reliable Secure Access solutions for Hybrid IT and empowers customers in designing their new age IT access which is ubiquitous, secure, compliant, and seamless.

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