Vikram Navali

-June 3, 2019

Strengthening Access Security with User Entity Behavior Analytics

Accessibility and availability of user data in real time is crucial for industries like healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and government. Security leaders should have insight into user actions to monitor any unpredictable behaviors. What secure access solutions do cybersecurity leaders need to consider to monitor user/device behaviors efficiently? Machine learning technologies bring operational efficiency to an organization and enable the means to predict cyberthreats and suspicious activity.

Pulse Secure’s industry leading next-gen NAC solution, Pulse Policy Secure, provides User and Entity Behavior Analytics that help in gaining insights into the network and reports any anomalous activities, ensuring Secure Access to resources residing in the data center or the cloud.

With mobility applications, end users access data in real time from different locations, at different intervals. It is critical to implement authentication mechanisms to examine end users before granting the appropriate services. Using Adaptive authentication, it is easier to detect anomalies and trigger events based on user access from a new device, new location and outside of regular working hours.

Another important application of behavioral based analytics is to detect DGA (Domain Generating Algorithms) malware attacks. Cybercriminals actively use domain generating algorithms which produces random looking domain names. This information can be used to trigger malware attacks, creating down time in a corporate network.

In addition to this, analytics help in gaining visibility of unmanaged devices and can discover MAC spoofing attacks and Internet of Things (IoT) anomalies. The best way to achieve secure access is to implement policies which continuously monitor and track behavior and remediate quickly if any behavioral anomalies are found.

The future of business across a multitude of verticals is Artificial Intelligence. So, the real time data will be presented on a plate where machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence together will deliver detailed insights to users.

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