Pulse Employee

-February 26, 2018

Transformation and Success through Secure Access

Perhaps it sounds like a strange transition – leaving one IT company where I was CEO to become Chief Revenue Officer at Pulse Secure. Why Pulse Secure? Why not some other option? The reasons I chose Pulse are the same reasons so many companies worldwide choose Pulse as their next secure access move: to achieve transformation and success.

Here is why Pulse Secure is the perfect fit:

The PEOPLE. My passion to lead awesome, global teams naturally led me here – and there are no better teams than those at Pulse Secure. The people here attack both challenges and opportunities with a level of enthusiasm, vim, and vigor that I don’t see in a lot of organizations. The people and teams not only have the intelligence needed to execute, but they also care. They care about the products; they care about our customers. Together, we will continue to accelerate business, revenues, and our value within the market.

The CUSTOMERS. I’ve talked to my peers in other companies who admit, “Our products suck. Customers are unhappy. It’s a total disaster.” You don’t hear that at Pulse. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. We have a broad base of happy customers who experience the benefit of our solutions every day. That’s a huge asset not a lot of companies can boast of.

The  PARTNERS. Like many other firms, we live and we die, we breathe and we eat, and we expand and we grow through our channel partners. That’s why one of my big initiatives in my new role at Pulse is to make sure that we take the existing partner program to the next level from an overall compensation and profitability standpoint. We want to give our channel partners a richer experience so that, in turn, our customers are delivered a best-in-class experience as well.

The PRODUCTS. What I have seen in other companies is that they have one product that works great, then they start throwing a bunch of other products onto it to call it a “suite” … but the quality drops off a cliff because they’re rushing to market. That’s not the case at Pulse. Every product offered by Pulse Secure is in great shape because every person is committed to drive value and deliver ROI for our customers.

Our people. Our customers. Our partners. Our products. Put simply, Pulse Secure has the opportunities and the solutions to deliver transformation and success, and that is why I chose Pulse. There’s simply no better place to be.