-October 3, 2014

Welcome to Pulse Secure and the Pulse Secure blog!

Pulse Secure was formed following the sale of the Junos Pulse product line from Juniper Networks to Siris Capital. (Read more about the sale here.)

We are very excited about the new company and the opportunity we have to help our customers solve the problems arising with enterprise mobility. We see this opportunity as not only relevant to the 20,000 customers we currently serve but ultimately enterprises of all sizes across all verticals.

The enterprise mobility market is moving rapidly – I would argue more rapidly that the consumer mobility space, as enterprise customers play catch up not only to adapt to this new paradigm but also ensure that enterprise networks and computers and mobile devices are safe and secure. To respond, Pulse Secure is bringing addition investment in research and development, sales and marketing.

We also have a unique lens on the market opportunity. Our network admission control (NAC), virtual private network (VPN) and mobile client solutions provide mobility policy and enforcement with the end-user is on corporate premises or off; and comprehensive mobility access management and security for PCs and mobile devices. This will provide you ways to ensure the security of you network without impacting the productivity of your workforce.

But first things first. I want to assure you that we are focused on ensuring a smooth transition for our customers. During the coming months, Pulse Secure will continue to work with Juniper to facilitate a seamless transition of sales and support for customers and partners, with an emphasis on no disruption to business–Juniper will continue to sell Pulse products and provide support as normal during the transition period.

Speaking for the whole Pulse Secure team, we are extremely excited about the opportunity to delight customers with innovation and high-quality solutions as well as being responsive to our customers’ needs.