Stephanie Briggs

-January 4, 2017

Welcoming Secure Access into the New Year

Before we say good bye to 2017, enterprise security leaders, consumers, and solution providers must reflect back on a challenging year, one that left billions of users’ data at risk. Security officers, thought leaders, architects, and engineers have realized that no one sector is safe and that all verticals are at risk, whether it be financial, healthcare, government, education, technology, and the myriad of others. As we reflect on the past year, an astronomical focus, and question that must be answered, for 2018 is how to create and maintain ubiquitous secure connectivity for users and devices within hybrid IT infrastructures; infrastructures blended of legacy datacenters and multi-cloud PaaS/IaaS and SaaS applications. How will enterprises and security providers work together to provide information access securely, anytime and anywhere, enabling users and their devices all while maintaining information integrity? 

Let’s take a look at some of the top security breaches of 2017, just a handful out of thousands of breaches and billions of records exposed:   

Equifax: With 143 million consumers affected, the stolen information included social security numbers, driver license numbers, birth dates, and more.

Verizon: Personal data of 6 million customers leaked online, data included phone numbers, names, and pin codes. 

Wonga: The breach of this U.K. payday loans company affected half a million lenders and data stolen included names, bank account numbers, and sort codes.

WannaCry ransomware: Can’t forget this global cyberattack, read more here:

Rasputin attacks: More than 60 university databases compromised by SQL injections.

KRACK Wi-Fi attacks: Affecting the WPA2 protocol, allowing hackers within range to intercept passwords, emails, and other data. Learn more: 

As these frightening cybersecurity stories increase in frequency, size, and criticalness, enterprises and service providers must work towards a Secure Access model that fits within emerging and evolving technology stacks. Configuring security products to solve the challenges of multi-cloud environments, the IoT and IoMT phenomena, the Millennial work revolution of remote access anytime and anywhere, and future technologies of the like, continues to be more prevalent than ever.  

In strategizing for 2018 and into the next decade, Pulse Secure continues to develop next-generation Secure Access solutions, based on ubiquitous access security that leverages contextual awareness, user enablement, and data integrity all within a multi-layer fabric of connections. Secure Access with Pulse Secure means access as well as security, supporting initiatives of BYOD, IoT, and unified compliance enforcement while providing API management to 3rd party developers to integrate seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. In the end, Secure Access answers the questions posed above and will deliver enterprise security for agile businesses while increasing user productivity along the way. Now it’s time to say good bye to 2017 and welcome Secure Access in 2018.